Life Behind My Lens--Photography by Romonia Isaac

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blane the Cowboy!

This was so much fun and it was a gorgeous and beautiful day! Blane is a true cowboy at heart! This little guy had a blast and you could see it all over his face the entire afternoon. His twin sisters are adorable as well. Chris & Erin have done a wonderful job and they are such a beautiful and loving family. I can't wait to see Avery & Lydia when they turn one!


This little guy is too funny for words, but as I tell his mom all the time, "He is his mother's son!" Not knocking his dad! Tripp & Katriana have done an amazing job with this little boy and I love being able to watch him grow up!


As we all know, we will be electing a new President this year. It is amazing how many high profile individuals backed different candidates. What was even more amazing was that they came to East Texas to do so.