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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

~*Peace, Love & Happiness*~

Is it that time of year….amazingly it is! It is time to for me [as well as other photographers] to start gathering Christmas card templates. I have been browsing sites/stores to see which card templates they have that reflect my style, as well as my clients. Photographer Café has an amazing blog- -if you have never visited it, you must! They have a lot of wonderful tips, products and it is an overall cool site. 4 the Love of Focus is featuring their Christmas cards on their site today and I must tell you, I would LOVE to snag these beautiful cards. They are amazingly beautiful. From fun Peace themed cards to whimsical styled cards to a more vintage style cards I am in awe. You too can have a chance to go over and win as well. If you have never visited 4 the Love of Focus you MUST! I absolutely love their blog-site. Great tips, advice, giveaways and for those who are looking for a photographer they help with that as well. I entered…will you? I only hope that I am lucky enough to win this remarkable giveaway but the comments continue to grow and hello I am blogging about it! ;) Check them out, look around and come back and tell me that you didn’t find something on either site that you liked! Until next time, you can definitely check out what’s new with me on my new blog. Come over and blog stalk me! I am still trying to add things and figure it out a little bit more! Maybe one should do that before they launch a new blog!!! ;) Yes I can make fun of myself! Happy Wednesday everyone!


josh healy said...

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