Life Behind My Lens--Photography by Romonia Isaac

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Emily--Part Deux--

So Emily was down to model for me and I was extremely happy that she said yes! She is an amazing young woman and beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Her personality shows in her photos. She can go from being very serious to having that crazy infectious laugh and smile that she has. We had a wonderful Saturday with lots of sunshine and blue skies that helped make the day even more wonderful. Emily is just Emily. I can't describe her but my lens can...every time. I always capture these lovely shots of her and when I edit her photos; I can stare at her face forever! She will be starting a new chapter in her life next year at UNT and I wish her nothing but the absolute best in life. I have no doubts or worries in that department. ;-) Did I mention that she has an INCREDIBLE voice?! Well yeah she does!


Anonymous said...

These photos are amazing. The are so raw. You are very talented and your model is gorgeous!

Romonia said...

Thank you so much!!! Your words are very kind! And yes, my model is absolutely gorgeous!

Emily Worthington said...

Oh, Romonia, you are wonderful. :)